K9 Bulldog

The K9 Bulldog

The K-9 Bulldog is the powerhouse of the K-9 line.  This new generation LED Par 64  fixture is a RGBW composite producing very bright light and a wide range of colors.

LED Par 64
  • 25° and 45°
  • 18 units of RGBW LED's
  • Smooth Color Blending
  • Double Yoke Standard
  • 1 Year Warranty


Spec Sheet

User Manual

K-9 Bulldog Profile for EOS/ION/Element

To get this into your console:

-Save this show on a USB key and attach to your console
-Browser>File>Merge>(USB key)>K9 Bulldog profile
-Click "Fixtures"
-Click "OK"

Now, when you go to patch a fixture,  type the channel number and "K9_Bulldog" will appear under favorites. Select that and you should be good to go.

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